Capt Mukula Calls for Establishment of East African National Airline

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Captain Mike Mukula, the proprietor of Uganda Aviation Academy, has called on the East African community to consider a single regional airline.

Mukula made the appeal on Friday while addressing graduands at the Aviation Academy’s 8th graduation ceremony held at Protea Hotel in Kampala.

“I would like to urge you to consider setting up EAC national airline, we need to combine this market rather than partition the small market we have, Mukula said.

“We must come out of artificial boundaries, borders closed should be quickly opened so people can trade,” he added.

69 students graduated as Airline Cabin Crew, Airline Customer Services, Aviation Security, and International Air Transport Association (IATA) Fares and Ticketing Course.

In January 1946, the East African Airways was established and ran jointly by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania but the corporation was dissolved in 1977.

Mukula says that it is time to create the East African synergy of setting up the East African National Airline, adding that combining the market and pulling the resources together will change the fortune of the country and the community.

Mukula also says the aviation industry will be a game-changer, and Ugandans need to invest in it.

Monica Azuba Ntege, the Ministry of Works and Transport said the academy was using the good investment climate and teaching young people with employment skills.

The Uganda Aviation Academy was established in 2011 to enhance quality civil aviation training.

Africa Tembelea has learnt that the Aviation school, will soon be introducing a piloting course in the institution pending clearance from Civil Aviation Authority.

Captain Francis Babu, the Chairman of Uganda Aviation Academy called on parents to embrace the aviation industry and drop the notion that aviation is immersed in immorality and prostitution arguing there is a need to understand the aviation industry.

“People haven’t understood this aviation job well. The truth is, our children should be left to join the aviation industry. This job is important because laws demand we have the crew to support passengers. The clothes they wear are to market the airlines not modeling,” Babu said.

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