Cabinet approves Jinja Hotel Tourism Training Institute Board

Design of new facilities for the HTTI. Photo/Courtesy
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Baluku Geoffrey

KAMPALA – Cabinet has approved the second Board of Directors of the Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute.

According to a cabinet decision of February 8, the board will be chaired by James Wokadala and deputized by Florence Naduk.

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Other members of the board include Dr. Jane Egau Okou, Nahida Bhegani, Emmanuel Kaweesi, Birungyi Cephas Kagyenda, Simon Maganda, Samora Semakula, Rosemary Kobutagi, and Joan Miriam Namutosi as an ex officio.


The Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute is a parastatal company, wholly owned by the government of Uganda, whose primary objective is to train and educate personnel in the hospitality and tourism industry, to promote tourism and deliver professional, sustainable services to tourists and promote the profitability and sustainability of Uganda’s national tourist resources.

The institute was established in 1989 as a pilot school under the International Labour Organization and United Nations Development Programme. In 1991, the ILO and UNDP pulled out of the project, and the government of Uganda took over the school entirely.

Statute Number 14 of September 1994, established the present Hotel and Tourism Training Institute and transferred the former Crested Crane Hotel and all its assets to the new Institute. The Statute commenced in 1994, and the institute resumed training in mid 1996 at Crested Crane Hotel in Jinja, under the Ministry of Wildlife and Antiquities, later Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry.

In 1998, the institute was transferred to the Ministry of Education and Sports. In November 2007, the institute was again moved back to the Ministry of Tourism Trade and Industry. In 2016, when that ministry was split, the institute was assigned to the Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities. HTTI, is now fully established by an Act of parliament (UHTTI Act 2015).

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