Burundi president receives his wife as ‘special guest’ at State House

Burundi President Pierre Nkuruzinza (right) receives his wife Denise Nkurizinza (left) as a special guest at State House. / Twitter @NtareHouse
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Burundi’s President Pierre Nkuruzinza has caused an online stir once again after hosting his wife, Denise Nkurunziza, as a special guest at State House.

In a tweet shared by Burundi State House on Monday, September 30, Denise was accorded the special reception after being awarded a certificate in recognition of her contribution to raising awareness among administrative and religious leaders, women and youth on the need to overcome the growing population in Burundi.

“At a hearing @KwaNtare, the First Lady of #Burundi SE @1stLady Burundi presented to the Head of State SE @pnkurunziza the awards received in recognition of his action in the transformation of society and his commitment to the neediest,” tweeted @NtareHouse.

The tweet sparked a torrent of reaction from netizens who questioned the rationale of the president hosting his wife in State House and make it a public affair.

“Wait, wait, so Burundi President Nkurunziza, receives his wife at State House (where she lives with him) as a “special guest”, and she presented him the awards she received in the US as a special state occasion? Have I been smoking strange things, or I am seeing this right? ?? Charles Onyango-Obbo tweeted.

In May 2019, the president also caused an uproar after publicly showering his 12-year-old daughter with lots of cash for being disciplined and well behaved. He was also trolled by netizens after his officers arrested seven schoolchildren for scribbling his photo on their exercise books.

The minors were charged for insulting the Head of State and spent some days behind bars before being released following public outcry. In 2016, eight harmless secondary school students were also arrested by the Burundian intelligence after they drew Nkurunziza in a textbook with phrases such as “Get out” and “No to 3rd term”.

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