Bududa Residents Want Namasho Bull Fighting Grounds Developed Into Tourism Site

Bull fighting in Namasho, Bududa. / Courtesy Photo

Residents of Bulucheke Sub County in Bududa district want government to consider developing Namasho bull fighting grounds into a modern tourism site.

Namasho grounds have been hosting bull fights, which started in the early 1950s as residents took their animals to drink salty waters in Namasho River commonly known as “Isukura”.

The bull fights have remained alive. The fights have become very popular and continue attracting many people from the district and outside to watch the fights each Saturday.
Vincent Weleka, the chairperson Bullfighting Association, who also doubles as a bull trainer, says that government should gazette the fighting ground as a tourist site, saying this will contribute to local revenue collection by the district.

Government needs to help up us and develop these grounds into a proper facility to allow tourists to watch the fight clearly. This will also help the animal owners to earn some money for feeding and training their bulls.

Davis Wesonga, a farmer from Bumayoka said this will help to encourage them to rear bulls and train them to fight. He said gazeting the area as a tourism site will help many people to come and enjoy the game just like watching other games.

“Now, if government develops this site it will help government collects revenue and share with the farmers to help them care for their animals.

Peter Musapiti, the LC I chairperson of Shiluku South, says turning the place into a tourism site will foster development in the area and boost business.

Constant Matukhu, the former Bull fighting Association Chairman, said government through the Tourism State Minister, Godfrey Kiwanda pledged to fence the area but it has never fulfilled its pledge. Elisa Khawanga, the LCIII chairperson Bulucheke Sub County, says this is the only tourism activity in Bududa, which government could have supported to put the district on a map as a tourism destination.

Wilson Watira, the Bududa district LC V chairperson has pledged to advocate for the development of the area to increase their local revenue collection



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