Bodies of COVID-19 patients are not infectious – Kenyan Health Ministry

Casket containing remains of Charles Bukeko fondly known as Papa Shirandula at his home in Nanderema, Busia County. The actor succumbed to COVID-19 on July 18, 2020. /Courtesy Photo
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Nairobi, Kenya – The Kenyan Health Ministry has said bodies of people who have died from COVID-19 cannot lead transmition of the disease. According to new findings by the ministry, the main mode of transmission was through droplets from an infected person.

Africa Tembelea understands that the Kenyan government will soon implement revised burial protocols. The maiden rules that were introduced in March have over the past six months assumed that bodies of COVID-19 patients were infectious.

“On infection prevention and control protocols on the handling of COVID-19 bodies and burials, it was noted that the main mode of transmission is through droplets. COVID-19 burial standards operating procedures have been revised to address rational use of PPEs and body handling,” the Health ministry in Kenya said.

According to the old regulations, the disposal of human remains from COVID-19 cases were to be overseen by a public health official within two days (48 hours) to avoid community practices that would result in more infections through contact.

“The body must not be opened for viewing thereafter. The body must be buried on the same day, immediately by the family under the supervision of the healthcare personnel, the local health care committee leader and religious leader,” the old regulations read in part.

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