BISHOP MASEREKA: Great honour to have an Airbus plane named after Rwenzori sub region

Bishop Zebedee Kahangwa-Masereka

Mt. Rwenzori is the name that has been given to Uganda Airline’s newest aircraft, (A330 Airbus). I think it is a great honour for the people of Rwenzori sub region to have a large plane named after our region.

Uganda Airline now has a fleet of 6 planes that include 4 bombardiers and 2 airbuses. An Airbus A330 carries about 250 passengers and is made for long distance international journeys.

These great resources are available for all of us to use: tourists, farmers, business community, and leisure travelers. Pineapple growers, passion fruit growers, etc, must now embrace and explore the opportunities outside Uganda. Those who have ears, let them hear, and those who have eyes, let them see. An entrepreneur sees opportunities wherever he steps his foot, and wherever his eye lands.

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According to Jeffrey Sachs book, “The End of Poverty,” it is the work of the State to establish, create and set up the required infrastructure to stimulate transformation and development in the society.

Relatedly, and on a different note, Uganda Air Cargo Corporation, another Government entity also with four aircrafts is being revamped for specializing mostly in air cargo transportation.

It is my prayer that we all appreciate and utilize these wonderful resources.

Best wishes, and may God bless us all.

Rt. Rev. Masereka (also known as Zebedee Kahangwa-Masereka) served as Bishop of the Diocese of South Rwenzori, in Kasese from 1984 to 2003.

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