Bishop Jjumba to Parliamentarians: Reconcile during Lent

Bishop Jumba puts ash on a police officer's forehead during mass at Parliament
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The Bishop of Masaka Diocese, Serverus Jjumba has called on parliamentarians to use the Lent season to reconcile with one another as a precursor to the 2021 general elections.

Jumba who was celebrating Ash Wednesday prayers on 26 February 2020 said Parliament and the other arms of government are well placed to deliver a peaceful and united nation not only for the sake of the forthcoming elections but to the next generation as well.

“As an arm of government, I think it is your responsibility to leave behind people who are united and peaceful and we shall not get this peace unless we have God fearing people” said Jjumba.

Jjumba stressed the need to take individual responsibility to foster harmony and desist from the culture of waiting on Government to bring about peace.

“Ask yourself, as a parent what kind of children are you leaving behind? As a religious leader I must ensure that I leave behind people who fear God as a neighbor,” he said

The Leader of the Opposition, Hon Betty Aol Ocan called the government to tackle the ongoing violence and political clashes in the country. She said she was afraid that the current political atmosphere could be a reflective of a nation that is straying away from God.

“We know that knowing God is the source of wisdom but the way we are fighting is a sign that we are moving far away from God,” said Aol Ochan.

Bishop Jjumba who is leading preparations for the Uganda Martyrs Day celebrations, used the opportunity to fundraise for the event where Shs76 million from MPs and staff was realised.

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