BETTY NAMBOOZE: When you give Chameleon money, as a sell out he loses his influence and the public will resent him!

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke

Dear Ugandans,

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this public letter to you. The fact of the matter is that these days I lose sleep over the happenings in Uganda.

Today I want to address you on the Gulu based rape of Mother Uganda.

There is no problem in Government coming out to address and assist private Businesses collapsing due to the Covid19 pandemic….that is what any sensible Government does.

My issue is the method being used…..As far as I know Mr. Akandwanaho Caleb Alias Salim Saleh who was originally in 1980s referred to as Mr. Museveni’s half brother and who most probably because of time has grown into a full brother to Mr. T. K.Y. Museveni is a retired Officer of UPDF and former Minister for Micro- Finance….The question is that in what capacity is Mr. Saleh acting now?

And under what instrument is he operating…..Or, is this his personal money….that we have a kind Ugandan getting out to assist the hard-hit Music and entertainment industry?

If this is the case how do musicians, promoters and all those people move to Gulu during a lockdown? And why doesn’t the donor channel his donations through the Official Covd19- donation Systems?

On the other side, if a retired UPDF Officer, being a brother to the President is executing work on behalf of the State and Government of Uganda with an intention of cementing his brother’s life Presidency…then there has never been abuse and rape of our Nation as crude and demeaning as what is taking place in Gulu these days.

Mr. Museveni, why would you abuse the State of Uganda to this level….so publicly, so openly….And with such impunity? The way you behave as you handle State affairs pre-supposes that your family owns this country as one can own ekibanja!

If at all the Government of Uganda wanted to support our stars, musicians and entertainment industry in general…..These people would be handed a contract by the health Ministry to work under the public health sector as they campaign and influence society to adhere to SOPs and other issues related to disease control.

We would be seeing posters showing Chameleon putting on a mask, Chameleon would be in zoom meetings with the youth…. Chameleon would be photographed taking the vaccination jab and yes Chameleon would compose songs for our health Campaign… something similar to what Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) and Bebe Cool did….then Chameleon would earn a pay for his work. Of course Chameleon can be any other musician…we are only using Chameleon for this post.

If we were really interested in using music to save lives we would drop the persecution of the NUP President, swallow a humble pie and facilitate him to reach out to the many Ugandans who believe in him with health appeals.

Indeed if Uganda was to use the Music industry we would hit four birds with one stone…one the health campaign would be in progress, two Ugandans dying of stress and boredom due to the Lockdown, anxiety and sadness because of losing our loved ones…. would be entertained and three we would have bailed out our celebrities….AND we would have injected economically sensible money into the struggling economy.

A group of musicians under the umbrella, United Superstars Association, led by Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Jose Chameleon met Gen. Salim Saleh in Gulu.

The Gulu money is satanic and evil because when you give Chameleon money as a sell out he loses his influence…the public will resent him…he ceases to have power over his fans and finally this hopeless money will cause more inflammation to further undermine our currency and hard-working Ugandan’ s money will be one worthless.

What Saleh is doing is to spread Covd19 in Gulu… it’s him we should condemn and not the hungry musicians. To some of these young men and women it has become a choice ….to stand in shame or go to total destruction together with their young families.

At the end of the day they decided to be humiliated but be able to put food on the table for their children.

Most of our celebrities for luck of management and clear copyright laws are not earning much from their trade. The class and self praise you see them displaying is just showbiz. Most of our celebrities are living a false life and go along way to lie to public that they are well off.

The few good things they have like all Ugandans are obtained via bank loans. Someone also told me that s few of our people in that industry get into elicit trade to earn some money to sponsor their showbiz life.

These people bribe journalists to give them a high profile calling rented homes their houses, hired vehicles theirs or over pricing their properties.

Unfortunately our celebrities are known for making expensive decisions as they struggle to out compete each other…Take an example of Chameleon who exported his family to America instead of exporting his Music!

…Such a person cant think about dignity as he looks for money to sustain his expensive life. Chameleon will not tell you that money lenders are threatening to confiscate his property for example…

Apart from a few smart musicians, our celebrities live a life of slavery to their own lies. He can sleep in a General’s house and claim it’s his mansion…just because the person he competes with built a house.

He will go and kneel before someone with access to the State funds and promise never and never to antagonise Museveni’s stay in power.

And as usual, Ugandans seem to have pardoned Mr. Museveni and his supporters of corruption. When Government funds are given as a bait to struggling Ugandans, we get mad at the receiver and not the giver!

We torment the desperate people who surrender and give themselves to the junta, demonise them, while keeping a closed eye to people who are raiding our treasury for ill thought -out -maneuvers…Bogus donations that are not socially, economically and even Politically beneficial.

If Ugandans are still interested in our country, the person to demonise is not Chameleon…. the person to question and get annoyed with is the two full or half brothers Akandwanaho Caleb alias Salim Saleh and T.K.Y Museveni.

I salute you my people.

The author is Mukono Municipality MP. She also serves as Chairperson Government Assurance Committee in the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda.

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