Armed Militants Torch Three Vehicles, Kill Two in Rwanda’s South – Military

President Kagame speaking at the RDF Combined Arms Field Training Exercise in Gabiro on December 11, 2018. /Photo: Urugwiro Village
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KIGALI (AT) — Unidentified armed militants torched three passenger vehicles in southern Nyamagabe district on Saturday, killing two Rwandan civilians and injuring eight, said an official from the Ministry of Defence.

The defence ministry said in a statement that the Saturday evening incident occurred in Cyitabi Sector of Nyamagabe District, near the border with Burundi.

“We have been watching the situation in this area for some time now and have a good idea of who is behind today’s incident. We are in pursuit of the attackers and action will be taken against those responsible,” army spokesman Innocent Munyengango said in a statement.

He said the army is pursuing the attackers who retreated into Nyungwe Forest, a mountain rainforest area that is home to chimpanzees.

The attack highlights continuing tensions between Rwanda and neighboring Burundi and DR Congo.

Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza earlier this month called for an emergency meeting of the East African Community, accusing Rwanda of “aggression” and of harboring plotters of a failed coup in 2015. In the letter dated December 4, Nkurunziza told Museveni who is also chairman of the East African regional bloc that Rwanda was behind the crisis that hit Burundi in April 2015, which also saw a failed coup against Nkurunziza.

Rwanda has denied the allegations and says they will not be sucked into Burundi Provocation.

According to President Kagame, those behind these attacks could be trying to test Rwanda’s Defence Forces.

While Kagame did not identify that group, rebel groups among those operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo include RNC and the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR).

The FDLR includes former Hutu militiamen responsible for Rwanda’s 1994 genocide who then fled into eastern DR Congo. Its presence on Congolese soil has been cited as a reason for a series of military interventions by Rwanda.

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