AMOS WEKESA: Survival Tips during Quarantine

Amos Masaba Wekesa (L) with his daughter
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Amos Wekesa

During this quarantine time, our patience with kids, wife, househelpers, husband will be tested to the highest levels.

Most of us spend at least 8 hours away from our families during normal working days, others come home midnight and leave at 6am…thats sad especially if you have a family for us men especially.

Generally speaking, we get more angry with people around us than strangers. Our inherit desire is that they should always understand us and maybe support us. I don’t care when a stranger says Wekesa, you are stupid but I would care if my wife says so.

By God’s grace Corona will someday be gone though we arent 100% sure who will survive it and who won’t. One one thing am sure about is that lots of things will change and might change forever. More mothers and fathers will value families more.

More people will value the idea of saving more, others will waste less time out in the night, others will drink less, others will do more exercises, others will smoke less or not at all.

Anyways men, if you never saved something for this bad times, apologize and promise to make amends. Sit down with family and draw a survival strategy for this period and leave the rest to God.

My wife and I share our accounts, she therefore knows what I bring in all the time. We are all human, won’t you rather have the mother of your children take charge of the resources should anything happen to you? Great lakes safaris pays us a salary and I make a few more monies outside.

Of course her spending habits have made it easier for both of us. I don’t sit there worried about what she will do with the money. She will inform me when she wants to spend beyond certain amounts. I also do the same but we don’t have to over explain when it comes to spending. I love living below my means. Even when i was a sweeper, I made sure I had some excess.

Since you are going to be angered by everyone at home, don’t try to go physical, use words like you are right honey to your wife, am sorry darling etc. Do things you don’t usually do, lay the bed when you wake for example.

My wife can tell you, yes before I posted this, I woke up late, lay the bed and washed dishes this morning. It’s mentally good for you as well and you will gain respect from your children more. Engaged your children in cleaning their rooms for example.

Yap, am sure I have angered my wife many times in the last few days( she reads these things I post, she can testify). She has done fantastically well with our children but I believe sometimes she thinks am one of the children in the home. That drives me mad…..but yesterday I told her, we are a team and we are in this together.

Marriage gives us so many chances of being angry, many. It gives us so many chances of giving up, many people. But again, family can be beautiful, I can testify to that. Am sure I have created many memories for children and they have created many for me as well. I laugh alone on many occasions when I remember funny bits.

I will write about how we ended up building a home in the last 10 months.

The writer is an investment expert, proprietor of Great Lakes Safaris and a Parent

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