AMOS WEKESA: Public holidays will sink Uganda’s already struggling economy

Mr. Amos Wekesa, proprietor Uganda Lodges. (Courtesy Photo)

Is there something about public holidays that am not aware about. Could have been taught in school and I missed it because I didn’t pay attention!

Guys, you know we are going to have at least 514 MPs who will need to earn a monthly pay of 25m plus lots of allowances.

Am told each (both opposition and NRM MPs) will need 321m for a car according to Africa Tembelea …. do the math?

We have jumped to over 2m elective positions meaning (Uganda is over governed)

Our debt levels as of June 2020 stands at 56.5 trillion and assuming we are 39m Ugandans, we each owe just above 1,440,000 UGX.

Don’t forget at least 56% of our population is below the earning age…..You guys reading this are producing over 100,000 new Ugandans every month

We shall need to borrow or are already preparing to borrow 12.8 Trillion to support (10.3 trillion foreign debt and 2.5 trillion local) for our next financial year 2021/2022 which is about 45 trillion UGX.

The challenge with public holidays is that businesses operate on interdependence. If banks aren’t working exchange rates for example will be very low etc.

We are borrowing from economies that operate 24 hours, we operate 12 hours plus a big number of holidays.

We must work to support a big public service (they are both opposition and from the ruling National Resistance Movement government). Those guys must earn salaries, they must drive new cars, they must get allowances, they must have workshops.

Food for thought as God expects to bless the works of our hands.

Wekesa, is the Managing Director Great Lakes Safaris & Uganda Lodges Ltd

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