All Watoto Team Members Discharged After Recovering from COVID-19

Watoto Children's Choir travels the world as ambassadors of hope for Africa’s orphaned and vulnerable /File Photo

Kampala, Uganda – All members of the Watoto Children’s choir who had tested positive for COVID-19 have all recovered according to information from the church. 14 out of 22 members of the choir tested positive upon returning into the country from the United Kingdom.

Watoto Church Associate Team Leader Julius Rwotlonyo says that all 14, who included 11 children and three adults have now tested negative and have been discharged from hospital. Eight of the team members were discharged last week while the rest six were discharged yesterday.

In a statement dated April 23, Rwotlonyo informed Watoto Church members that all of them are now undergoing self-isolation. “The other eight members of this team who tested negative for the coronavirus are nearing the end of their period of self-isolation before they are reunited with their families,” the statement reads.

Rwotlonyo says the 22 members of the choir who returned from Canada were free of the coronavirus and have successfully been reunited with their families after completing their mandatory quarantine and additional self-isolation period.

“We want to thank the government of Uganda and the Ministry of Health officials for their leadership and support during this time. We are also extremely grateful for the continued prayer, support and encouragement of friends, partners and members of Watoto in Uganda and around the world,” he said.

He called on Ugandans to all continue being vigilant in taking the necessary steps to combat the spread of the virus. God will carry us through this challenging period.

He says all of the Watoto children, mothers and staff in the Watoto villages and Baby Watoto facilities remain unexposed to the virus and are safe and healthy. Although two teams returned from abroad, the team from Canada all tested negative for COVID-19. Watoto has four other choirs stuck abroad.

Uganda has so far registered 63 cases of COVID-19 with 45 recoveries registered. Uganda’s challenge to curb the virus now remains truck drivers from across the region after a lockdown banning public transport, gatherings and a call for stay at home by the President.


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