ALICE ALASO: Lockdown on the Church…Conspiracy against God in Uganda

Alaso Alice Asianut, the ANT deputy National Coordinator

God cannot be mocked. God sees beyond the deception of CoVID restrictions. Let the mockers in Government stand warned.

Those who live by the sword will die by the sword..
The 42 days of restrictions ended on Friday except for congregational worship and teaching and learning .The two areas that deal with the inner man.

Seated at the high place of Entebbe State House no Minister or those always quoting scripture to maintain political grip on the nation, objected to the continuation of restriction on Worship. Not even those who claim to be born again.
And God wondered who will go for us?

This Monday, 2nd August 2021…The Shopping malls, the buses, taxis
the Arcades, Offices, boda boda transport and downtown Kikuubo all will be operational. BUT for public worship, the President roared that Houses of worship MUST remain closed.

President Museveni and the Cabinet let me ask, against whom do you rage.??
Why do you rage against God. You band together against the Lord and his anointed one the Church. Long ago, the Lord God whom we worship saw your intention in Psalm 2.

The bible lectures, quotations, rhetoric and lofty State House prayers mean nothing as long as you rage against God. You have been exposed.

It is very clear CoVID19 is the mega agenda of Satan against the Church. It will be used to control true worship and fellowship. The CoVID idol wants to take the place of God not only in Uganda but the World over. The enforcers want to use it to detach us from true worship and discipleship, they rage against God.

Church we can no longer claim we are the Church and continue to stand helplessly when our God is mocked.. The kingdom of our God is suffering violence. We must demand as in Psalm 2 verse 4. Pray and call upon the One enthroned in heaven to have the final say on whether we worship him collectively or at the whims and wishes of those sitting in the high alter in State house and hiding their hatred for God using SOPs. Houses of worship are NOT too daft to follow SOPs. We just have a Nebuchadnezzar situation here. REFUSE to bow..Let my people go and worship me.

When they told us to leave our children out of Sunday school we bowed. We have now also been told to stop completely for 60 days. What a rage. No other area of public life was given such a duration..Church cry out..You have the power to call forth Gods judgement on this situation. Be a militant end time Church. Refuse those backslidden Bible lectures.
They are abnormal. The old prophet lured the younger prophet of God to destruction at Kings 13:18

Pray for a demonstration of God’s power. The times we live in are NOT for a complacent and compliant Church.

Goliath defied Israel every morning till David arose in God’s power. These people in Government have repeatedly done it. Refuse to accept online prayers as NORMAL it is a lie from the pit of hell. This is ABNORMAL and should never be is just one way but NOT a substitute for collective worship. It is easy for the devil to isolate you It is no replacement for Collective, accountable worship and deliberate discipleship which is the biblical standard. Jesus sat physically with his disciples.

We must therefore beginning 2nd August worship God Loudly in our homes in our shops, in the malls, on the roads, in the home based Church, in Our offices Let all the alters come alive and publicly. Play very audible Christian music. Work place fellowships, it is your turn and time. Our defiant worship will bring down judgement on those who have banded together against God .

And now may the One enthroned in heaven laugh and scoff at you who are the agency of CoVID against the Church.

The author, is a worshipper of the Living God & also serves as the deputy National Coordinator for the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT)

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