ALDRINE NSUBUGA SNR: What I like most about Bad Black, is her level of intelligence

Aldrine Nsubuga Snr

I like her. A free spirit who takes each day as it comes and lives by the moment. So confident of herself she lives by the ‘take it or leave it’ principle. She never asks to be loved, admired or appreciated – she loves herself enough not to worry about who else loves or believes in her. Always happy, always smiling, always living life. When she sins, she tells us the story. When she does good, she tells us the story. No pretence, no cover up, no make believe.

With Bad Black, what you see is what you get. Cross her path and she will put you in your place. Be a friend and she will not forget you. She hates betrayal and she will turn her wrath against such a one.

What I like most about her however, is her level of intelligence. I’ve heard her reason better than graduates and argue better than MPs. On day to day issues that affect society, she is so knowledgeable and practical.

Bad Black with Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Larence Muganga /Courtesy Photo

She says she loves money and won’t stop at anything to get money. She tells her own stories in this regard – she is real. She knows that nothing she has stolen can beat what the elites, politicians and educated steal everyday from the public coffers (our money). She knows that no sin she commits (prostitution) is worse than the elites, politicians and educated who spend millions per month buying prostitutes in the dead of the night. In her mind – temulina kyemungaamba.

This is what draws me to BB. She is real. I never miss a video clip of hers. She makes me laugh and smile. She lifts my moods. She fears no judges and she doesn’t care – She is BB. You take or leave her.

When I heard that she is now a brand ambassador, I said to myself ‘Here we go.’ I expected the criticism towards Victoria University and anger from the educated.

But wait a minute – how many educated and elites are bold or confident enough to present themselves for such a role? Many can’t even represent their own families.

Brand ambassador? The BB brand is bigger than the VU brand. If we first understand that, we will understand why VU wants to ride on the BB brand. They have not chosen a role model to inspire students OR an inspirational speaker.

They have chosen a REAL Ugandan with a story that everyone relates to and identifies with. She is not there to teach English or talk about university courses and their merits.

I believe that what VU wants is visibility. Whoever you are you will pay attention to BB. You will know about VU. It’s called ‘top of mind’ awareness which VU has been lacking. Just yesterday when the news of her assignment became public knowledge, social media almost broke. BB is that huge.

Didn’t everyone say that BB is uneducated? That she can’t speak English? That she is a prostitute and a thief? Well – a university full of academicians, English gurus, professors etc has decided that they want her to promote their institution. That’s the role of a brand ambasaddor. And her unveiling has been done in broad daylight.

What is the difference between BB’s appointment and recent appointments we have seen at the highest levels in government, voting of MPs, dishing out of free money ( Gulu), and power wielding individuals across the spectrum?

Can we all say.. the most deserving have got these appointments? The cleanest? Do we even have saints left in this country? What about the promoters of government called “influencers” on social media? If all these were appointed and Uganda has moved on, why should a university’s appointment of a former prostitute and self acclaimed thief cause anarchy in the community? Isn’t there enough anarchy and scandal already?

This is the new Uganda. Our Uganda. Standards have changed and no longer can we ask anyone why. Its the new normal.

For that reason alone – I say, let BB earn her money. Her pay masters are willing and they are proud to associate.

We outsiders may have our positions but let’s keep in our lanes. VU is not a public university.

As a BB fan, I just want to see BB happy. She says she is a hustler – now she has taken hustling to another level. What a woman!!

The writer is a football enthusiast, and one of Uganda’s thought out marketing professionals


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