Airbnb lists Ghana, Mozambique among its Top Travel Destinations of 2019

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If you’re making travel plans for 2019, Airbnb has you covered with an official must-see travel list. In anticipation of the new year, they compiled site data including Airbnb search, booking, and customer wish lists to bring us the top 19 travel destinations for 2019, and we want to explore them all. The list includes a few destinations in the US—road trip, anyone? —as well as breathtaking international destinations around the globe. We’ve got our eye on these Airbnb castles you can rent for under $50 a night. This is totally your year to travel, especially since Google can save you money on your vacation in 2019. Grab your passports and get your road trip maps ready!

Hike the Great Smoky Mountains along the Tennessee-North Carolina border, explore a pedestrian-only city in China, or eat and drink your way through a rural town on the coast of Italy. Airbnb’s suggestions vary so much that you’re sure to find a destination to add to your bucket list. Some of Airbnb’s suggestions are as broad as an entire country, meaning you’ll be free to create your own travel agenda, while the rest of the list includes specific cities or locations. Each suggestion includes sightseeing suggestions, so you can take advantage of the travel company’s best accommodations while exploring as much of the destination as possible. We’re counting down the top 19 places to visit in 2019.

  1. Taiwan

Users on Airbnb can add specific location to their wish lists, and Airbnb reports that Taiwan’s wish list inclusion was up 100 percent in the last year. The official report names the entire country as the number 19 destination, but gives specific destination cities including Yujing, which is home to mango farms and hot springs.

  1. Andalusia, Spain

The architecture of the Andalusia region of Spain make this one of Airbnb’s top wish-listed locations for 2019. Airbnb recommends exploring the cities of Granada, Cordoba, and Seville, as well as the Route of the White Hill Town which runs through the Sierra Nevada mountains.

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  1. Calabria, Italy

Originally an abandoned city, Calabria’s tourism is on the rise and offers an authentic Italian vacation away from the typical tourist locations in other parts of the country. Calabria has seen a 100 percent increase in wish list inclusion, due to the region’s mountains, national parks, medieval villages, and what Airbnb calls “rustic charm.”

  1. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan had the fastest year-over-year growth in bookings, according to Airbnb, making it one of the top trending destinations for the coming year. Uzbekistan boasts an average of 300 sunny days a year, which means it’s the ideal warm destination no matter when you’re planning travel dates. Uzbekistan has incredible architecture, so plan a tour around the country’s major cities to soak it all in.

  1. Pondicherry, India

The city of Pondicherry, India—also known as Pondy—had a 140 percent increase in searches on Airbnb over the last year. Airbnb reports that the best time to visit the coastal town is between the months of November and February. This year, take a few extra days off between Thanksgiving and Christmas and treat yourself to a trip full of scuba diving and dolphin watching.

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  1. Winnipeg, Canada

Airbnb suggests heading to Winnipeg, one of the largest cities in Canada, for a dose of culture this year. It’s home to the Museum for Human Rights, the first museum dedicated completely to the history of human rights. You can expect snow and freezing temperatures from November through March, so plan your trip accordingly.

  1. Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is the second-largest city in the country of Georgia, and according to Airbnb, has good weather pretty much all year. Batumi is known as a resort city, with numerous beach destinations and ski resorts, which may be why Airbnb searches for Batumi rose 200 percent over the last year.

Can’t decide between a relaxing beach vacation and a week of mountain hiking? Head to Santa Catarina State in Brazil and you won’t have to choose! Santa Catarina State had three cities appear in Airbnb’s top search rankings: Joinville, Itajai, and Blumenau, which all have incredible mountain views as well as gorgeous beaches. We’re totally adding this to our travel bucket list!

  1. Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley, US

Nature-lovers will appreciate this travel destination. The Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley are located in southeastern New York and are home to a number of nature and wildlife trails. If you plan your trip accordingly, you can also hit the 50th anniversary celebration of Woodstock. If you’re planning on driving, check out these 11 car hacks to use on your next road trip.

  1. Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

If practicing more meditation is your goal for the year, a visit to Wakayama Prefecture in Japan should be high on your list. This area of Japan is called the “spiritual heartland,” and has 52 temples on holy Buddhist grounds. Bookings for this region increased by 128 percent as people traveled to the area to take part in meditation and temple services as well as visits to the country’s largest open-air bath.

  1. Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Start your vacation off with a bang by flying into Scotland’s Barra Airport. It’s one of the world’s only commercial airports where planes land directly on the beach. The Outer Hebrides are a chain of islands off Scotland’s west coast, and are home to an insane amount of wildlife. Nature lovers can spot red deer, golden eagles, otters, whales, and dolphins on a regular basis. Airbnb reports that the deer outnumber the human population 30 to 1.

  1. Mozambique

Plan the ultimate beach getaway with a trip to Mozambique. The southern African country is home to coral islands, scuba diving, snorkeling, and national parks. Bookings for Mozambique are up 156 percent, and searches have increased 160 percent over the last year. While lounging on the beach, you can easily spot animals like pink flamingos, crocodiles, and dolphins. This warm-weather vacation sounds so good, we’re already packing our bags!

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  1. Accra, Ghana

Airbnb searches for Ghana have increased 120 percent, and bookings have risen even more with an increase of 163 percent. The West African coast city is the capital of Ghana, and also holds the title of the country’s largest city. Airbnb suggests a visit to the Makola Market and the Labadi and Kokrobite beaches.

  1. Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

The province of Buenos Aires, Argentina was named one of Airbnb’s most hospitable cities in the country for two years straight, which means the number of “super hosts” with five-star reviews is higher here than anywhere else. The Buenos Aires Province saw a 176 percent growth in wish list inclusion and a 188 percent increase in bookings over the last year, and we seriously want to check it out.

  1. Great Smoky Mountains, US

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is America’s most-visited natural park and boasts more than 800 miles of hiking, walking, and nature trails. Located on the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, the park is also known for having the largest black bear population in the eastern part of the United States. Since it’s part of UNESCO’s International Biosphere Reserve, you’re almost guaranteed to see incredible wildlife on your trip.

  1. Normandy, France

If you’re in the mood for a trek around Europe, this is the vacation for you. Start the trip in Paris and take a two-hour train ride to Normandy. History fanatics can visit the site that will memorialize the 75th anniversary of D-Day, and foodies can explore the Route du Camembert—a trail named after the cheese.

  1. Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico saw a 240 percent increase in searches on Airbnb, and a 206 percent increase in wish list inclusion—and if you added it to your wish list, now is totally the time to go. Since it’s only a few hours away from Mexico City, it’s easy to get to and from Puebla from anywhere in the world. Take an architectural tour of the city or explore the culinary delights the location has to offer.

  1. Xiamen, China

Xiamen, China is a pedestrian-only island with no vehicles allowed, which makes it a great destination for anyone looking to escape reality for a little rest and relaxation. The port city is surrounded by other islands so it boasts a spectacular view as well as an abundance of seafood options. Since Xiamen saw a 283 percent increase in bookings last year, you’ll have plenty of housing options to choose from.

  1. Kaikoura, New Zealand

The whale-watching town of Kaikoura, New Zealand had the highest increase in Airbnb bookings and search in the last year, with a 295 percent increase in bookings and a 210 percent increase in searches on the Airbnb site. The South Island town was badly damaged by an earthquake in 2016, but has made a comeback to become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.

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