African Swine Fever Outbreak Reported in Ibanda District

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There is a reported outbreak of African swine fever in Ibanda district.

Dr. Ronald Wamala, the Ibanda District Veterinary Officer, says the fever has so far claimed over 200 pigs in the district.

He says the most affected are Ibanda Municipality, Nyamarebe Sub county and Ishongororo town council.

Dr. Wamala has cautioned farmers to desist from the movement of pigs, saying it spread the disease further.

He advises pig farmers to take precautions since the fever has the capacity to kill all the animals that get affected.

Serenah Ayebare, one of the affected farmers, says she lost 10 pigs to the disease. Joyce Kataate says the fever is killing pig at a very high rate.

She says they initially thought that it was a different disease until the District Veterinary Office confirmed that it was the African swine fever outbreak.

African swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease characterized by fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and exhaustion in pigs.

The disease is a highly infectious and infected pigs must be slaughtered and their carcasses buried or incinerated.

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