ADAM LUZINDANA: President Museveni don’t incite the Poor Youth to reorganize against you…You won’t like it

Luzindana Adam Buyinza, team leader Public Opinions. Photo/Courtesy

I am not against the new strategy by Gen Museveni to recruit and deploy children of the rich in Government agencies, ministries, commissions and Authorities to fight corruption but I believe that corruption will now skyrocket since the rich love money more than the poor. But also where are the NRM Mobilisers who are largely children of the poor but have dedicated their lives and small resources to mobilise for you Mr. President.

Museveni’s 2021 State of The Nation Address in Full

In my district I have never seen a child of the rich mobilising for you. I’m on some WhatsApp groups but it’s largely children of the poor spreading your achievements including on Facebook.

I think we need to identify, and deploy tested Cadres and competent UGANDANS but also adopt swift mechanisms to combat corruption especially at the top levels. Thousands of NRM Mobilisers are languishing but they Love their country. Some are competent and able to work for the good of Uganda.

Luzindana is a citizen of Uganda with interest in U.S foreign policy towards Africa, the Baltic Sea, Balkans/Former Yugoslavia and Middle East

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