Actress Jemima to Future Husband: ‘I Won’t Be Cooking or Washing Anybody’s Clothes’

Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde. Photo/Courtesy
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Jemima Osunde, a Nollywood actress has revealed that she will not be the one cooking or washing clothes in her marriage.

In a series of tweets, she posted on her handle, the medical practitioner, who doubles as an actress, noted that marriage was not meant to equal to manual labor.

“Imagine that a man marries someone like me and expects me to be washing clothes,” Jemima wondered.

According to Jemima, “Marriage does not equal manual labor,” and where necessary she would rather outsource.

“You will get us a cook and laundry person or I will,” the actress said, adding that either way, she will not be the one cooking and washing anybody’s clothes including her own and that she doesn’t expect her future husband to do so either.

She further stated that some people like “sufferhead” but that life is not for her.

“I didn’t suffer in my daddy’s house, I’m not suffering in my house and by the special grace of God, I won’t suffer in OUR house and you to baby,” she said, with emphasis that it was for both of them as a couple to be.

Jemima asked those reading her tweets and ‘feeling acid reflux inside’ of them in vehement disagreement to look away.

– Jemima Osunde –

Born 30th April, 1996, Jemima Osunde is a Nigerian actress, model and presenter. She gained exposure after playing Leila in the television series Shuga. Osunde was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 15th Africa Movie Academy Awards for her performance in The Delivery Boy (2018).

Jemima has gone on to star in a number of movies including ‘Rumour has it,’ ‘Naija Beta’, ‘Silence’ and ‘Esohe.’

The medical practitioner cum actress has also starred in the movie, ‘New Money’ where she played the role of a young aspiring designer whose life changes following the death of an absentee tycoon father, who left her to fill his shoes.

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