Abim Police Officers Caught Stealing Goats


Three Police officers in Abim have been arrested on allegations of stealing goats from the community.
The three officers attached to Orwamuge Police station in Lotuke Sub County in Abim district have been identified as; PCs Kenneth Odilo, Badru Bwogi and Rose Mutesi.

Police has revealed that the three are being detained at CPS Abim pending further investigations.

The three officers were reportedly arrested by members of the community when they were found loading about 30 goats belonging to residents of Orwamuge on a lorry at night.

They were then arrested and handed with the goats to the Abim District Police Commander Livingstone Twaazagye.
According to one of the complaints, Mike Bonny Achor the three officers were spotted by a resident who then alerted them and when they stormed the scene yesterday at midnight, they found the three officers loading the goats on a lorry loaded with some charcoal.

“Three of my goats have been stolen on the same night. They failed to load the one which had just given birth earlier in the day because the kid was making noise. This is what alerted us,” said Achor who has already recorded a statement and tendered his goats as exhibit to Abim CPS.

The OC CID Enos Odong confirmed the arrest of the three officers saying investigations were ongoing.

The Abim Resident District Commissioner says it’s common for the police officers in Abim to take bribes adding that some of them stage illegal road blocks in order to extort money from the charcoal businessmen who transport charcoal out of Karamoja.

In Karamoja commercial charcoal burning is illegal and a section of security officials have come on spotlight for extorting money from the business people who tend to buy their way through bribing the police.

Abim DPC however says this was an isolated case and the individuals will be held personally liable.


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