7 signs he wants a long-term relationship with you


There are so many men out there who aren’t ready to commit and would only be willing to hook up on a casual basis. Fortunately for you, it’s possible to spot these guys out right away when you’re just starting to date them.

Here is what a guy would be willing to do if he’s serious about having a long-term relationship with you.

  1. He takes the initiative in actually dating you

He doesn’t wait around for you to do all the heavy lifting. He doesn’t wait around for you to put on all the moves. He takes the initiative to actually turn your relationship into something real.

  1. He tells you about the things that he’s most passionate about

He’s trying to give you a good glimpse into his life. He wants you to see him for who he really is so that you wouldn’t have any trouble with trusting him and being with him.

  1. He actually talks about future plans with you

He doesn’t shy away from talking about future plans with you. He understands that if he wants your relationship to have a future, he’s going to have to be willing to talk about that future.

  1. He introduces you to all of his closest friends and family

He lets you into his world in as intimate a capacity as he can. And so, he decides to introduce you to all the important people in his life. He’s essentially telling you that you’re important to him too and that he sees you sticking around for the long haul.

  1. He takes the time to really listen to you

He doesn’t just automatically shut down whatever you have to say. He really takes the time to listen to you and pay attention to your needs and your desires in life.

  1. He shows a willingness to make compromises for you

He shows a willingness to adjust and make compromises for you. He understands that he can’t always have it his way if he wants to keep you in his life. And he’s okay with making those compromises.

  1. He opens up to you about his fears and vulnerabilities

This is a real sign that a man truly trusts you and relies on you. He trusts you enough to bare his whole self to you. He truly is letting you in.

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